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ommercial automatic door openers are not specifically required under the ADA but they are often the most practical solution for businesses looking to make an entry way compliant. Hardware for the mechanisms to open doors that are accessible to the general public need to accommodate one handed opening without requiring the person opening the door to tightly grasp, pinch, or twist their wrist. This can be a hard task to accomplish, for example consider a door user with arthritis. While some large manual handles can accomplish the above listed criteria, the most simple way to adhere to the ADA is simply to provide a door that can be opened with the push of a button labeled with the International Symbol of Access (blue wheelchair) to your customers. Even businesses with entrances that are only of strict access to employees with cards, keys or other forms of clearance and are considered ‘restricted’ in the language of the ADA must ensure that at least one entrance be hands free accessible. If your looking to bring your business up to compliance with quality hardware, craftsmanship, and service – contact our local, experienced Massachusetts automatic handicap door installers at H Perron Locksmiths.

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Beyond the legal requirement posed by the ADA, improving access to your customers is often the motivation behind a Massachusetts’ business owner’s decision to upgrade your building with a push button handicap door installation. Our automatic and power door installations can you up to code. Along with customers in wheelchairs or with mobile disabilities, customers that are elderly, pregnant, or just have their hands full will appreciate having the door opened for them with the simple press of a button.

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We keep the concept of broadening access in mind at H Perron Locksmiths as we often go beyond the requirements of the ADA to improve access through intelligent installation. If possible, we locate the push button where it will not require people in wheelchairs to have to back up. We choose hardware like bars and pulls to provide enough room for user’s knuckles to fit comfortably and without straining. We also avoid mechanisms that may require intricate finger movement or fine motor skills. Contact our team to get started on your project – call us at (508) 875-3744 or email us on our contact page today.

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